February 23, 2018 Ryan Young

+1 Church

Tribe Message Series on Unity

As I reflect on the Plus One series and the call to genuine discipleship, I’m reminded that it’s never the easiest thing to follow God. It takes effort to pursue Him, it takes effort to learn a new discipline, and it takes effort to love on others the right way. Our final message, available on our YouTube Channel or Facebook, is all about how we are called to be the Church together. How all of the disciplines we’re learning and the heart of God we feel as we draw near to Him will pull us toward each other in love.

I found myself looking back at our Tribe Series from well over a year ago. The call of the New Testament is to move with God as one body, and place a premium on unity in a world that is anything but united. We tackled what it means to be part of a movement that is formed by God himself, speaking life into one another with one united language and abandoned to His call. How important it is for us to allow Christ to use each one of us as He builds His Church!

So a few things we talked about this week to remind us of as we go through our day to day:

  • Who is God calling you to Be The Church to? What coffee can you share, hug can you give or conversation can you have to speak life into someone and build community? Carve out an opportunity to encourage someone, even today.
  • Remember that the church is made up of human beings. We’re not called to keep score, to be overly critical of one another or to get on high horses, but to lovingly move as one.
  • Please be praying for our Tribe and our members on a daily basis. The results and the fruit that we know God wants to bring through us will quickly appear when we’re knocking down heaven’s door with our requests of the King.
  • Above all, remember that HE is the builder. It’s not about us, but about the Kingdom moving forward and we get to be part of it.

I’m so proud to be part of Word of Grace. It is home for Lara and I and we love this community so much and cannot wait to be used by God in every opportunity. Let’s seize the day together!

– Pastor Ryan

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