We are blessed to have an unbelievable team of wonderful people serving on our staff. With a variety of skills and callings, this eclectic mix brings passion and excellence to every area of our church leadership.


Ryan Young

Executive and Teaching Pastor

An Ohio kid, Ryan grew up in Cleveland and maintains his die-hard Cleveland sports fandom, as does his wife Lara. Ryan spent four years living and working in the United Kingdom and serving with the church in Coventry before moving back stateside in 2014. The son of church planters and missionaries Randy and Becky Young, Ryan has been involved in local and international ministry since childhood and is passionate to see people connect and find freedom in a community which reflects the Grace of God.


Melissa Onabajo

Worship Director

Melissa is the Music Director of Word of Grace Church. She believes that worship is a lifestyle and prays that the music and arts teams reflect that. Melissa graduated with a degree in Music Therapy from Baldwin-Wallace College and had a chance to travel with the African Children’s Choir and sing with the Cleveland Opera. She is married to Segun and they have two children; Tishe and Eni.

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Isaiah Noce

Associate Pastor // Youth Director

Isaiah was raised an hour outside of Cleveland in North Bloomfield. He has been heavily involved ministry since high school, and has learned many skills working in construction with his father, Mario. Bringing a strong work ethic to ministry, God has grown a heart for the city in Isaiah, and a vision to lead and teach this generation to love God with all their heart. He has also been involved with global missions work and has a passion to mobilize youth to reach the lost that he brings to every youth event.


Maddie McGillis

The Forge Coordinator

Maddie hails is from Bellefontaine, Ohio where her family has a 110-acre farm. Her parents are both in ministry and Maddie has a heart for discipleship beginning at a young age. Maddie directs our Arkland Ministry for children 2-5 years-old, and she is passionate to see our precious little ones discover who they are in God from a young age. She is currently studying Organizational Leadership at Agora College.


Kylea Williams

Arkland Coordinator

Kylea was raised in Sacramento, California, and moved to Ohio in 2016 to attend Agora College where she is studying Ministry & Leadership. Raised by her mother, grandmother, and aunt to pursue God, Kylea developed a heart for children & serving others for God at a young age. Kylea directs our Arkland Ministry for children 2-5 years old, and she is passionate to disciple our children to look and live like Jesus!


Brant Boatwright

Resident Fixer

A semi-retired aficionado of fine motorsport vehicles and every tool known to mankind, Brant is much more than a maintenance coordinator. We call him the “resident fixer” because all he needs to say is “I fix things.” Sometimes he fixes wells or doors, but often time he’s repairing hearts. Brant brings a lot of heart to every task and never stops looking for opportunities to sow into our team and our tribe!