God’s grace is for everyone, and we believe in partnering with Him by taking his message to our community and the world.

Ezekiel 47 paints a picture for us of a vast river that brings life to all it touches, a brilliant image of grace at work in our lives, but we don’t want it to stop there, we want it to flow through us and effect our surrounding area with the kind of life only God can give. Jesus calls us to love one another and to “go”, making disciples locally and to the ends of the earth and it is our joy to serve with the King of Kings. If you would like to join us in outreach efforts, or have an idea for one, we would love to hear about it. Let us know!

Giving Tree Outreach  December 4th-18th

As we begin our Christmas season, the celebration of our God and His incredible generosity with us, we know that generosity changes lives and changes communities. Even as our world tightens up financially, we commit to being countercultural in our giving the way Jesus taught us. So we want to encourage you to come be part of it this year with our Giving Tree Outreach. On December 4th, you can grab a tag from the tree at the Connect Center (MAKE SURE YOU GIVE THE TAG NUMBER AND YOUR NAME) and grab a gift to bless a family in need right here in Geauga County. It’s a simple way to make this season about giving and not just getting, and we can’t wait to be a blessing with you!


Ministering To Those In Prison With True Freedom Ministries

True Freedom Ministries is an amazing local organization that serves those who are homeless, incarcerated, addicted and in great need across Northeast Ohio. There are a number of ways to serve on the team and if you are interested, please let us know and we will get you plugged in!


Nourish With “Take Them A Meal”

We all need nourishment to live healthy lives – spiritually, emotionally and physically. When someone in our community has a need for food assistance, whether a new mother, hospitalized members or the bereaved, we want to share the love of Christ with them by providing their food needs. If you would like to get involved, even if you can supply one meal to a person or family in need, don’t wait. Get signed up today!


Open House Worship Ongoing Outreaches

We are so excited to continually partner with Open House Worship, a local outreach that focuses on bringing worship experiences to the community and sharing the love of God. They also have regular outreaches that they organize and are expanding the ways in which they can touch our city. Make sure to check out one of the worship events or partner with them as they meet the needs of people right in our backyard.



Make sure to keep an eye out for more awesome outreaches in the coming months, from helping local charities to feeding the hungry. It’s an amazing thing when the Tribe of Jesus comes together to show the world His love, and we are so excited to continue doing that as a church family. Use the “Serve” button above to let us know you’re interested in helping us BE THE CHURCH!