Current Series Count on Christmas

If you’ve been reading the news or paying attention to what people are talking about, one word might characterize it this Holiday season… shortage. There are supply chain issues, shortage of materials, workers, you name it, and there is a sense among people that you should plan ahead this year. “Buy your gifts in advance,” we keep getting reminded. In the midst of all this talk is the most amazing truth… the truth of Christmas. Materialism lets us down, but Jesus never does. You may not be able to count on Santa or shipping companies, but you can count on Christmas. You can trust that in Jesus Christ you will find abundance in a time of scarcity, perfection although we are imperfect, light in the midst of darkness, and a future that is unlimited because He promises to be with us. Join us as we remember the One who came to be God With Us, and how the promises of Christmas never fail!