What’s Next

Follow Together: A Discipleship Journey Live and running now!

Follow Together is rolling on and we’ve been blessed by the stories so far of God growing and shaping us in community! If you want to join in the journey and get hooked up with a U+2 Group, it’s never too late! Remember, Follow Together is not a program, but a committed, long-term rhythm of following Jesus in community… and it will continue to permeate life together in our church family. Use the buttons below to find out more, commit to the journey, or sign up to do a tribe talk! We have people praying and waiting for someone like you to journey with them. So don’t hold back and don’t wait. Let’s move together into a new season of growth in God.

Transformed A Study in Romans 12

We are underway with our study in Romans 12, where Paul changes gears and lays out a pathway of Christ-centered living for all who say yes to Him. It’s the moment where we move from the foundation of God’s reality and Jesus’ Finished Work, to the all-important question: “What does that mean for me today?” For all who put their hope in Christ, and what He has done, everything has changed, and everything in our lives continues to change. We are all being transformed.

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Awesome Wonder Night of Worship

Our next night of Worship is coming upon March 24th. We delight in every opportunity to come together and sing praises to the king, and we hope you can join us as we celebrate the wonders of God.

Ladies’ Prayer on Zoom March 25th at 8am

Join us for the Monthly Women’s Prayer Meeting! We will meet at 8 am on the last Saturday of every month. Our focus will be on what God says in His word about praying, praying with the understanding of God’s Word, and sharpening our spiritual swords in the place of prayer. James 5:16 reminds us: “The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective.” We look forward to connecting with you.

A perfect storm is just the right weather to make a lighthouse earn its keep for weary travelers

Annual Business Meeting March 26th

For all of our Members, we have our Annual Business Meeting following service on March 26th. This is a chance for us to celebrate what God has done in the last year, and look to the future together, with some practical updates from our leadership. It is also when we will affirm two of our deacons for their next term of service. Please mark your calendar and join us. Childcare and light lunch will be available!

Palm Sunday Potluck April 2nd

Potluck Alert! We love to spend time together and especially around food! On April 2nd, we will have a potluck for Palm Sunday, and encourage you to bring a dish to share. We will also be providing a main course and drinks, but let us know you’re coming so we can prepare enough!

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The Crown Passion Week at Word of Grace

As we turn our hearts and attention to the sacrifice of Jesus again this Easter season, we are going to consider the crowns we see in the story of Passion Week. At each moment in the story, there is a crown. One was picked out for Him but rejected, one He allowed to be forced on Him, and one He was given in ultimate triumph. Each of these moments holds tremendous meaning for our lives as the story of Jesus engages us, and we pray you will find life in Him this Easter.

Good Friday Service April 7th

On Good Friday, we gather at 6pm for a one-hour service where we fix our eyes on Our Savior. Come spend time with us as we reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus, share Holy Communion and worship the One who showed us what True Love looks like.

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