Celebration Sunday August 21st

There is an amazing weekend coming our way fast as we end the Summer, so circle August 19-21 on your calendar. On August 19th, we are hosting an awesome worship night and will be gathering to spend time in the Presence of the Lord with friends from other churches at our site! That Sunday is our Celebration Sunday, with a special message from Pastor Ryan and Water Baptism. Following service we have our Big Church Picnic, and water games for the kids! Don’t miss out as we finish our Summer of Celebration with an awesome party! See you there!

Ruins of temple in Corinth, Greece - archaeology background

Corinthians Summer 2022

Throughout the summer we are diving into the Book of 1 Corinthians together. Paul writes to believers in a chaotic culture just like ours, and his words, inspired by the Holy Spirit, are still speaking to us. Corinth has been described as, all at once “the New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas of the ancient world.” It was wealthy, powerful, and full of all kinds of crazy, kind of like the world we live in today. Come journey with us in the Word and bring an open heart to hear what the Spirit of God is still speaking into our lives.


New Every Monday Summer in the Psalms

This Summer has already been a hot one, so let’s make sure we’re refreshing ourselves! This year, as we continue with our Summer of Celebration, we want to encourage you to spend some time in the Word in a fresh way. Each Monday, we will release a new episode of Summer in the Psalms, and you can find them on YouTube, or on the podcast. We’re going to simply pick one Psalm every week to meditate on together, and our hope is that you will find that person you’re growing with and share your hearts together. Let it wash over you, meditate on it, memorize from it and ponder important questions with us as the Word lifts us up and shapes us together.



Ask Me Anything Sundays Following Service

It’s so vital that we foster clarity and understanding on what we believe and how we, as a community, are called to live out the ways of Jesus, especially in a world where truth is seen to be elusive or totally subjective. So we want to invite you, whether you are new in our community or have been here the longest, to bring your honest questions. Pastor Ryan will be hanging out in the sanctuary with some coffee, and would love to listen to you and hopefully provide some answers too! If you want to submit a question, you can head to the Connect Center on a Sunday and fill out a card at the AMA Box, so we can answer a question or two each week.