The Ladder A Study in the Life of Jacob – Continues This Week

The Bible is a grand story of God’s relentless pursuit of human beings, despite their flaws! Early on in the story, we meet the central family that this tale follows, and the three patriarchs – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. If I’m honest, before recent times, I tended to focus in on, and celebrate, Abraham, and then skip to the story of Jacob’s son Joseph. We even did a whole study on Joseph called The Dreamer a few years back.

Fascinated by the stories of Abraham and Joseph, I sort of glossed over Isaac, who kind of bored me and Jacob who… was kind of a jerk. But before there was “The Dreamer” we have to look at what God does in the life of “The Schemer.” I felt the Lord drawing me personally to the story of the guy I disliked the most, and was blown away by just how much Jacob spoke to me. With all his flaws and somewhat obvious tendencies toward rebellion, I began to see how much Jacob reflected the things I see in myself, and how God’s unshakable pursuit of Him echoes in the way God loves me through my mishaps as well.

I cannot wait for us to journey through just a few of the extremely relevant and timely moments in the life of this man who would come to be known as Israel.

Let me encourage you. Each week we will look at an important moment and I know there will be something for everyone on Sundays as we slow down and pursue the story together as one… but don’t stop there! Every Monday we will be posting the message from Sunday, and along with that we will also be putting up a podcast and YouTube video that will take us deeper in the study. We’ve designed these so that you can really go deep with this incredible story, and we’ve specifically created these “go-deeper” sessions to be used in a Life Group or with a partner. It could be your spouse, your best friend or a group, but we really hope you will grab someone and do this study with us, beginning on the big topics from the weekend and drilling down each week to meditate on the Word and let it ask its questions of you!

You can find all of the sessions on this page. Come grow with us!

– Pastor Ryan