Stay in step with us as we stay in step with Christ! Here is a little bit of what is around the corner for our Tribe from a teaching perspective on Sundays. If you want to see more of what happens during the week and off-site, there is plenty of that too! Check out the Church Calendar.

Teach Us To Pray Begins in February

When Jesus built his team here on Earth he started with some unlikely candidates, and thank God He still chooses unlikely people today! One thing marked this ragtag group of disciples; they were humble, and brought one of the most important requests to Jesus – “Teach Us To Pray.”

I love this simple, humble request, and I think we need to come to Jesus with the same attitude. If we want to go deeper in prayer and in relationship with our Savior, we need to recognize that we don’t have it all figured out, but return to His instruction. I think we will all discover there is a lot more depth to the Words of Jesus’ masterful prayer.