We believe the Story of God in the Scriptures were always meant to be read in community, and we’re excited to dive into the word together as a family and share our insights. If you have just discovered the Word of God or are a seasoned student of the Bible, we invite you to join us in exploring God’s Word as we Read Together. You can see all three of our Bible Reading plans below, and each one is a different way to Read the Word in community. There are also some additional, and amazing, resources that we encourage you to take advantage of. So grab a plan and a partner, and make this your season of going deep in God’s Word.

The Holy Scriptures are our letters from home.

–  St. Augustine

Read Together 3.0: Fall in Love with the Story

Read Together is not a program, or a reading plan. It is a way of life, and it’s our way of life. There is nothing more important than diving into the word together in meditation and study. This year we have a brand new plan, organized around 12 characters we want to study deeply. Each month we will provide resources to help study the character. We also believe it is vital for us, as believers, to get the Word of God internalized and committed to memory. Psalm 119:11 says, “I have hidden Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against you,” and we want to commit key scriptures to memory this year.

Read Together 1.0 The Bible Project Reading Plan

The Bible Project is an amazing group in Portland, OR that have created some timely resources for the church in our time, helping people to understand the story of God and how every piece of the Bible fits into it. You can download the reading plan to print, or save it to your computer or phone as you follow along. This plan is for reading through the Bible in one year, and helps you to read a couple of chapters each day along with a Psalm. It also includes some great video content from The Bible Project to help you grow in understanding of what you’re reading. They have a handy app developed as well that will show you what you’re reading and watching each day and allow you to set reminders.

Read Together 2.0: Dive Deep With Us

If you’ve read through the Bible before and are looking to explore on a deeper level, we invite you to join us on a new exploration of deeper themes in Scripture and the Words of Jesus himself. Each month, we will focus on a new Theme in the Word as well as four parables that Jesus told in Scripture. The guys at the Bible project have created some excellent information around the Themes which you can find below, including study guides, video, and blog posts about diving deeper. You can also find below our guide to the 48 parables of Jesus, broken down by month.


Here are some additional thing that will help you grow significantly in your understanding of the Bible!

How To Read The Bible: Video Series from the Bible Project

Maybe you’ve opened the Bible before and ended up confused by chapter 3. Sometimes it’s a big help to have someone walk us through what exactly we’re looking at, because the Bible is written with different types of literature, by some 40 Authors, over thousands of years. The team at the Bible Project are the best at presenting this simply, and their video series will get you up to speed!

Themes in the Bible: Video Series from the Bible Project

The Word of God is incredible, and one of the things that both amazes and instructs us is the way that key themes are found throughout the totality of Scripture. Despite it’s many authors and many years in the making, the Holy Spirit has knit together a single story, and the themes that we find throughout are important to trace. Check out some of the Bible Themes below, like Justice, Heaven and Earth, the Holy Spirit and more.

Books of the Bible Overviews: Video Series from the Bible Project

If you’ve ever started reading a new Book of the Bible and wondered how it fits into the whole picture, this video series is amazing. Done in an extremely creative and simple way, each video presents the context for a new Book of the Bible and helps us to understand why it was written, to whom, and what the Lord was doing.