Join us as we journey in the life of “The Schemer” who was always hedging his bets, even when God had promised to provide and sustain him. That may sound pretty familiar to you, and the attitudes and patterns we see in Jacob often reflect our own. More importantly, what God does in his heart and through his life can also be reflected in our story. In addition to Sunday’s messages, which you will find on this page, you can also find “Go Deeper” posts. Each post will contain a short video or podcast (so you can access it from wherever), digging deeper into the story, as well as prayer points, further reading and study for this week and, most importantly, discussion questions for us to honestly ask ourselves with a close friend. So grab someone and let’s go deeper together!

Intro Session: In our inaugural session together, we’re setting the table for a feast on the Word together and we hope that you and some friends will study with us. You can utilize the podcast (audio) or YouTube videos to go deeper. Check it out and stay tuned for more. If you want to soak in the story before Sunday, check out Genesis 25:19-34.

Week One: From the Womb

An introduction to the story and the very first impression we get of Jacob the Schemer. Some initial details we’re given have serious importance for the future as we journey in the life of Jacob. Grab a partner or a LifeGroup and dive into this story with us right at the beginning.

Week Two: Sibling Rivalry

All over the pages of the Bible we see sibling rivalry becoming so much more, and a lot of it begins with these two episodes between Jacob and Esau. Pastor Ryan unpacked Jacob’s actions and what it does to him on the inside. Pastor CJ piggy-backs on this with our Ladder Session this week!

Week Three: Climb The Ladder

When God steps into his story, Jacob is definitely not the finished article, but we see the beginning of change in Him. Pastor Ryan shared this special message on Father’s Day 2021, but it is a message that can speak to all of us, and will encourage your heart!

Week Four: Meet Your Match

Things get a little dramatic, and by that we mean Pastor CJ’s retelling of the “latin soap opera” of Genesis 29 will be sure to make you smile this week. Don’t miss that Sunday Message on our YouTube channel and check out the “Echoes” Ladder Session from Pastor Ryan for one of the most important connections from this whole narrative about Jacob. 

Week Five: Reconciliation-ish

Take a look with us at a precarious moment in the story. Jacob fears the worst and his fears are totally validated, but somehow, against all odds, he is shown extravagant mercy and favor. 

Week Six: Throw Down

Cometh the hour, cometh the man! We are finally to the moment that changed everything with Jacob, and we hope it is a challenge and a blessing to you as it has been to countless Jesus-followers over three millennia. Let’s allow God to move on our hearts and bring us to a point of complete trust in Him.

Week Seven: Back to Blessing

We are all Jacob, and we have one final thing to learn as we look at the end of Jacob’s life. God had blessed him indeed, but had yet to make him a blessing.