Advent is the season leading up to Christmas, and it’s a wonderful time of the year to immerse ourselves in the Scriptures, not just alone, but in community. So we invite you to take time this year, grab a close friend, and go deeper in the story. Rediscover the wonder of God’s amazing love and His mission to reconnect with humanity.

The Advent of Hope

The first of the four themes of Advent is Hope and the first week in our plan focuses on the arrival of the promised savior of the world. Click on the Buttons below for the scripture readings. Be sure to find a quiet space where you can not only read, but take time to think of how each passage fits into the bigger story of God reaching to man.

The Advent of Peace

The second theme of Advent is Peace. As Jesus comes onto the scene, He is truly our Prince of Peace! Grab the scripture readings using the buttons below. This week, as you immerse yourself in the Word, remember that our world cannot give us what Jesus offers to us: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” (John 14:27 NIV)

The Advent of Love

The third theme of Advent is Love. The Bible tells us “we love because He first loved us” and with the arrival of Jesus, we have been shown the most extraordinary love. Use the Buttons below for the scripture readings. Try to quiet your soul as you focus your attention on God’s Word, and don’t forget to talk about it with someone in your community.

The Advent of Joy

The final theme of Advent is Joy. How great is our joy because of what happened at Christmas!? No matter what is happening, or could ever happen in our world, nothing can take away the truth of God become man to ransom us and remake us into New Creations. See below for the scripture readings, and before you open the Word each time, let the Spirit of God remind you of the Joy of Christmas.



Don’t Miss Out Read Together

We have a number of reading plans that we’ve put together so you can read in community with other believers, digesting the Word of God as it was meant to be. If you want to find out more, click the button below and find our Bible-in-a-year plan, along with our character studies and deep dive into the teachings of Jesus.


Here are some additional thing that will help you grow significantly in your understanding of the Bible!

How To Read The Bible: Video Series from the Bible Project

Maybe you’ve opened the Bible before and ended up confused by chapter 3. Sometimes it’s a big help to have someone walk us through what exactly we’re looking at, because the Bible is written with different types of literature, by some 40 Authors, over thousands of years. The team at the Bible Project are the best at presenting this simply, and their video series will get you up to speed!

Themes in the Bible: Video Series from the Bible Project

The Word of God is incredible, and one of the things that both amazes and instructs us is the way that key themes are found throughout the totality of Scripture. Despite it’s many authors and many years in the making, the Holy Spirit has knit together a single story, and the themes that we find throughout are important to trace. Check out some of the Bible Themes below, like Justice, Heaven and Earth, the Holy Spirit and more.

Books of the Bible Overviews: Video Series from the Bible Project

If you’ve ever started reading a new Book of the Bible and wondered how it fits into the whole picture, this video series is amazing. Done in an extremely creative and simple way, each video presents the context for a new Book of the Bible and helps us to understand why it was written, to whom, and what the Lord was doing.