• The Good Shepherd

    9/10/2017 - Isaiah Noce

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  • The Bread of Life

    9/3/2017 - Ryan Young

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  • The Light of the World

    8/27/2017 - Ryan Young

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  • Unchangeable God

    8/20/2017 - Ryan Young

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  • The Gate

    9/17/2017 - Ryan Young

    Jump back into our I Am series with us as we focus on the amazing self-revelation of Jesus in the statements John captures. This week we expand on The Good Shepherd with the parallel statement – I Am the Gate for the sheep.

  • The Resurrection and the Life

    9/24/2017 - Ryan Young

    Dive into the story of Lazarus with us and the incredible statement Jesus makes – I Am the Resurrection and the Life.

  • The Way, the Truth and the Life

    10/1/2017 - Pastor Tunde Jaiyebo

    We are joined by a special guest – Pastor Tunde Araba from Charis Family International Church in Nigeria. Pastor Jaiyebo unpacks the statement from Jesus to the disciples in John 14 – I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

  • The True Vine

    10/8/2017 - Ryan Young

    The final I AM statement from Jesus is also the most significant. As the final week of the ministry of Jesus with the disciples unfolds, He unfolds an amazing metaphor for life in relationship with Him. Dont miss the promises and challenges of life connected to the True Vine.