• Shattered Expectations

    4/14/2017 - Ryan Young

    Remember with us the sacrifice of Christ and discover how the actions of Jesus shattered all of the expectations for the Messiah and more.

  • The Expected Christ

    4/9/2017 - Ryan Young

    When Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, he stepped into the limelight of hundreds of years of expectation from the people of Israel, but what did he really come to do?

  • The Power of Expectations

    4/2/2017 - Ryan Young

    The Easter season we are looking at the expectations we have for each other and for God, and how the story of Jesus gives us amazing hope for the future. Dont miss it as we open our series looking at the Power of Expectations.

  • Great Expectations: Easter Sunday

    4/16/2017 - Ryan Young

    He is Risen! Happy Resurrection Sunday. We are excited to look at what the resurrection means over our lives and how it speaks of the Great Expectations we can have in Christ.