Join us as we journey in the Word this Summer. We are exploring in the Psalms, and invite you to grab a partner or bring this discussion to your LifeGroup. Every Week we are going to look at one Psalm and allow it to speak to our hearts, consider the questions it asks or comfort it brings, and take away something to meditate on or memorize. Come grow with us as the Word speaks to our moments with grace and truth.

Week One: Psalm 27

It’s always a good idea to start simple… and in this Psalm, David keeps things nice and easy for us, asking the Lord for just “One Thing.” What would life be like if we met every challenging moment head on as David does here, chosing to remind ourselves that God is our true refuge and the one calling to us. What if our hearts responded as his does here, saying to the Lord, “All I need is one thing… to be with you?” Let’s press in together.

Week Two: Psalm 1

We’re going back to the start for this second episode, and looking at Psalm 1, which really focuses in on the most important choice that we can make on a daily basis. 

Week Three: Psalm 73

Have you ever struggled with how life is just plain unfair? Have you ever turned to God and just said “Aren’t you seeing this?” Psalm 73 is raw and honest, and refreshingly true to our own emotions. It is also a great reminder to keep our eyes off each other in a time of rampant comparison. When we fix our eyes on Him, we remember that our future is secure and His strength for our today is unlimited.

Week Four: Psalm 91

An unbelievable source of comfort when things are challenging in life, Psalm 91 has been a watchword of God’s People for generations, and we hope it will be a blessing to you! Jump in with Pastor Ryan and meditate this week on the promises of God.

Week Five: Psalm 150

The Final Psalm in the entire collection is unique and calls us to action! Come dwell in the Word with us and allow it to move you into an attitude of praise to the Lord.

Week Six: Psalm 121

In this Psalm of Ascents, pilgrims on their way to visit the Temple of the Lord remind themselves where their help comes from in all things!

Week Seven: Psalm 32

David’s heart is extraordinarily open in a moment of weakness, where he realizes he has something to confess to the Lord and teaches us how to do just that. Psalm 32, along with Psalm 51, are two of the great examples of a heart of repentance in the Psalms.