All Things New

You may have heard it said, “If you want someone to really get what you’re saying, you’ve got to tell them what you’re going to tell them… then tell them… and then tell them what you told them.” Sometimes if you want to get a point across, you’ve got to repeat yourself. God is well aware of this… He knows how he created us and He remembers that “we are but dust” (Psalm 103:14) and often have short attention spans. So what does God do? He tells us ahead of time what He wants to do, then He tells us what He is doing, and then He tells us what He did and will continue to do, because He is the master communicator.  One thing that is absolute certain in scripture, from the days of old to the days of the future, is that our God is fixated on making All things New. It is who He is. He just can’t help himself but to restore the broken places and renew our lives.

Right from the beginning, and all throughout the Old Testament, we are given promises of a New Heaven and a New Earth. We have also been given a New Covenant and are made into New Creations because of Christ Jesus. This is the constant refrain of our faith… Our God is  doing a new thing. We are not abandoned – we are made new through the sacrifice of Christ that we celebrate this Easter.

Join us as we rediscover the story of Christ and His unstoppable mission to make All Things New this Easter Season.