Stay in step with us as we stay in step with Christ! Here is a little bit of what is around the corner for our Tribe from a teaching perspective on Sundays. If you want to see more of what happens during the week and off-site, there is plenty of that too! Check out the Church Calendar.

Daily: A Study on Being the Church from the Book of Acts

Beginning in October

As Luke writes the sequel to his Gospel, he tells of the Acts of the Apostles, specifically focusing on what caused the Good News to reach the whole world, and right in the midst of all the incredible things God did is the simple fact that the church was the vehicle of transformation. We believe that Jesus is the hope of the world, and he chooses to use His church to accomplish His mission, and yet we know that churches, including ours, are full of human beings, and life can get messy. The Book of Acts shows us some amazing snapshots into daily life together that help us navigate challenges in the Grace of God and become the Church that Jesus empowered to carry His Love to everyone we meet. Life-giving relationships and community doesn’t happen on accident, and we are so excited to grow together as a community of Grace.