Celebration Sunday

It’s such a joy to see God continuously moving us forward together as a tribe, and each summer we like to take a special Sunday and celebrate His goodness. Celebration Sunday is a time for the whole family and a time to bring our friends and tell them about the faithfulness of our King.

Service will be at the normal time – 10:30 AM – and we will follow the service with our Water Baptism at the pool and our church picnic. We love any excuse to get together and share food in our tribe, but to celebrate what God is doing in each other with a time of water baptism is especially sweet. Baptism is one of the ordinances of the church, as set forth by Christ himself. When we choose to put Him first in our lives, Baptism is a step we take to declare that we belong to him in front of others. It is a choice to identify with Jesus, showing that our old lives of sin are dead, and we are moving forward in His life!

Mark your calendar now, and don’t miss this incredible time of celebration!

If you have not taken the step of Water Baptism but have chosen to follow Christ, what are you waiting for!? Get signed up at the Connect Center Sunday or online now!