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12/17/2017 - 12/10/2017
A Thrill of Hope
… the weary world rejoices. Penned in 1847 by a french poet, set to music by a British composer, brought across the sea to America by an ardent abolitionist, the song “O Holy Night” is perhaps the most celebrated Christmas song of all time. As amazing as the soaring composition and poetic lyrics are, it […]
11/26/2017 - 10/29/2017
Life on Mission
God will stop at nothing to pursue your heart and mine. He longs for a deep and meaningful relationship with us! So many times in our world we hear that message but we miss out on the invitation to join in that deeper life. You were designed to live in relationship with Jesus and to […]
10/8/2017 - 9/10/2017
Unchangeable, everlasting, and yet intimate… God chose to reveal his nature to Moses when he gave His Name, and he is still revealing his nature today through His eternal word. Thousands of years later, the Lord is still speaking to us, and still drawing us to himself, if we will listen. In the Gospel of […]
6/25/2017 - 7/30/2017
The Secret
Walking with God isn’t always easy. In fact, it can sometimes be the most difficult thing imaginable. The apostle Paul didn’t have it easy either. In 2 Corinthians he shares about all of the hardships he suffered as he tried to pursue what God had put in his heart. Maybe you also feel like you’ve […]
5/14/2017 - 6/11/2017
Family Matters
One of our core values from our code is that we value True Family, and we know just how messy family can get sometimes, but we also believe that God still intends to work through families and craft us into His family. Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his […]
4/16/2017 - 4/14/2017
Great Expectations
Chances are you don’t need to think very long to remember the last time you “got your hopes up.” As human beings, we have the ability to envision the future and expect what is to come. We know what it is like to have a lot expected of us and bear the weight of those […]
2/26/2017 - 1/15/2017
How To
We all have goals in life and things we hope for, and that includes spiritual goals. We look forward to growing in the things of God, his love and the gifts of the Spirit. Like anything in life, it doesn’t come without effort and a plan of action. Sometimes we know we want to build […]
12/4/2016 - 11/13/2016
Love Revolution
I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. – Ezekiel 36:26 NIV As we lead up to Christmas, we want to dive into the purpose of God that started it all – Love. […]
11/6/2016 - 9/18/2016
Where’s the Exit?
If you’re a follower of Jesus, or if you’ve spent any time reading through the Word, chances are you’ve come across some statements, ideas or commands that have made you think twice about what we know as Christianity. You might have asked yourself, “Is Jesus just having a bad day here?” The overwhelming love and […]
8/14/2016 - 7/24/2016
TRIBE is a series about the unity of the church and what it looks like when we move together as one and when we move from a person to a people. There are moments in the life of the church when it is important to come together in unity and move together as a tribe […]
4/17/2016 - 5/22/2016
The Miracle Book
Hebrews tells us that the Word of God is “living and active,” and we are diving head first into the miraculous impact that this book, which is a miracle in itself, has in each of our lives as we learn to study it together. Come check it out.