• The Miracle Book: Native Land

    5/22/2016 - Matthew LoPresti

    The final week in our Miracle Book series, we

  • The Miracle Book: The Great Journey

    5/1/2016 - Matthew LoPresti

    This Sunday we are excited to have Matthew LoPresti sharing the Word with us as we keep looking at the Miracle Book. Matthew is bringing a powerful word about finding greatness in our lives through the incredible story of the Word.

  • The Miracle Book: The Good Shepherd

    4/24/2016 - Gary Spicer

    This Sunday we have an old friend of Word of Grace back with us to open the Word, Pastor Gary Spicer from England. Gary will continue with us as we look at the miracle of God

  • The Miracle Book

    4/17/2016 - Ryan Young

    The Bible is our guide and our source as believers and we use it for teaching every week as we gather, but this weekend we will dive into the WHY of The Bible, consider how miraculous it is by God