• Life on Mission

    10/29/2017 - Randy Young

    Randy Young kicks off our Life on Mission series with a challenge for us.

  • Worldview

    11/5/2017 - Ryan Young

    We cannot live life on mission without adopting a different lens to see the world through… a vision for the world that is uniquely from God.

  • Hope in Action

    11/12/2017 - Ryan Young

    We continue in our Life on Mission series looking at Hope as an action that we take. We choose to live in the Hope of Christ.

  • Faith to Go

    11/19/2017 - Ryan Young

    It takes a lot to put our money where our mouth is and start living out the Life on Mission we have been discovering. This Sunday we are looking at Faith to Go.

  • Blessed to Be a Blessing

    11/26/2017 - Ryan Young

    The blessings of God are not meant to stop with us. Discover with us how God has blessed us and intends to make us a blessing as we find ourselves rooted and invested wholeheartedly in His Kingdom.